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Have you been trying to figure out how to increase YOUR Profitability, Sales, Client or Employee Retention all while taking more time away from the day to day operations of YOUR business?
who is

coach kyle?

OVER 35 years coaching/mentoring experience from grass roots to elite level in a variety of businesses and sports.

Owned / Operated first business at age 21.

Passionate and highly skilled in Sales, Marketing, Human Resources and Systems Creation.

Hands-on SALES and MARKETING experience with small, medium and very large companies.

Proven track record of INCREASING SALES, REVENUE and most importantly PROFITABILITY in a variety of industries through proven and tested marketing and sales strategies and outstanding customer relations.
I have been helping/guiding/mentoring people just like you for over 10 years who want to,… spend less time working in their business and more time working ON their business.

I work with you in a variety of areas (Sales/Marketing; Team Building/Recruitment; Systems/Business Development; Customer Service/Retention) based on your needs and GOALS, following my structured system for GROWTH.

As YOUR unreasonable friend who calls B.S. when I see it, I will keep you working on the path toward your dreams, instead of focusing on putting out fires.

YOUR FUTURE, Your plans, with my coaching and proven record of success, you can reach YOUR dreams, YOU must take the step to move forward!

my skills

Sales & Marketing
Finance & Operations
Planning & Goal Setting

Systems & HR
  • Helping businesses owners for over 20 years, develop and maintain solid Sales and Profitability
  • Systemizing the routine
  • Hiring the best employees to run the Systems
  • Specializing in Turn Arounds and Growth
  • Coach of 100’s of local, Canadian and International level athletes in variety of sports, Basketball, Snow Skiing/Boarding, Waterskiing, Race Cars and CrossFit
  • Mental and Physical preparation and conditioning
  • Pointing you in the right direction based on your life goals and vision
  • Helping with tough relationship decisions and plans
  • Career Planning
  • Business / Start up planning and development

how i do it


Building a Business is like building a house, you start with a foundation that is solid and will stand the test of time. It must be deep routed and stable. In business this foundation is built on Finance, Delivery and Time Management. When you master these you are set to build the next levels…


Leverage comes in many forms but we work on 3 in particular.

We leverage Systems to build a business that is repeatable and controlled. Then we use Technology to track, measure, compare and control the routine operations. Finally we move to leveraging your People.


Now that you have a solid foundation, its time to create uniqueness in what you do? When you have this you position yourself to have no price competition, infact you can charge more than others in your market…


As your business grows, building, supporting and coaching YOUR TEAM is vital to your overall business success and your personal happiness. With a great TEAM in place you can begin taking time away from the day to day operation and start really enjoying your life.


2008 - Start

With the support of my awesome wife and kids, I made the leap of faith in myself and left a well paying salaried position to start a Business Coaching Practice with a Global Franchise.

2010 - Moving on Up

I became the youngest tenure coach to be selected to train the new coaches in the franchise with 15 months under my belt. I ran up their global ranks and was in the top 100 coaches globally and in the top 3 in Canada.

2011 - Awards and Recognition

With the support of my awesome wife and kids, I made the leap of faith in myself and left a well paying salaried position to start a Business Coaching Practice with a Global Franchise.

2012 - Change is in the Wind

I began seeing that business coaching did not provide me with the time leverage I needed to run my fathers businesses from afar. I needed to focus on his health and business issues in more detail and I began scaling back my coaching business while looking for new opportunities that allowed more leverage.

2014 - Doors Open

After a solid 3 months of planning and building a physical location to house our 2 year dream of owning a CrossFit gym, January 2014 we opened our doors. We forecasted 130 members in our first year and ended the first year with over 200 signed up. This business works without me and I have an amazing TEAM of coaches that run it day to day!

2015 - Rebirth and Growth

Spring of 2016 marks the rebirth of my Business Coaching business after a 2 year break. It also marks the start of my second CrossFit Gym located in Surrey BC.
some facts

i'm proud of

my team

behind the scenes


My ROCK, Marina is the glue that holds all my businesses, family and life together. If you need anything related to finance, operations or scheduling for any of my businesses contact her directly, she is amazing!
pricing and programs

that work for you

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Planning Day - Nov 30 2022


Spend the day with Coach Kyle  to Review the year and create your BIG Goals for the next year. Create your action plan with tasks and strategies to implement to get you there

Budgeting and Forecasting - TBD


Get started on creating your budget and cash flow forecast with simple, easy to use sheets that do the work for you!
5 Strategies to increase Profits- discover 5 strategies to easily increase your profits, easy to implement and see results quickly

5 strategies to Grow YOUR Profits - TBD


Discover 5 strategies to easily increase your profits, easy to implement and see results quickly

Planning Day - TBD


Spend the day with Coach Kyle reviewing the first half of the year and adjusting and refocusing your goals for the 2nd half of the year. Create an action plan with tasks to implement to get you to your BIG goals for the year!

Dream Builder - TBD


Create your vision board with all your BIG AUDACIOUS CRAZY Goals DREAM and THINK BIg because if you shoot for the stars you will at least hit the moon!

Creating Systems - TBD


Learn how to systematize your business so that it can be more efficient and easily train and transition to new team members and ensure customers get the best experience possible with clear and concise messages.

100's of satisfied clients


Kyle is my most trusted adviser; he is tough and supportive at the right moments. His wealth of expertise in dealing with people and businesses will take your business to the next level. He is worth every penny!
I’d like to thank you for saving my business.

With your support and guidance, my business has gone from losing $25,000 a month to grossing $80,000 a month in less than 18 months. My first $1,000,000 year is just around the corner.
Coach Kyle encourages you to find your own answers to the questions that he guides you with; even if the question is “why?” he will be your constant until you get there. In Kyle I hired a business coach and I have gained a mentor, an accountability partner and a friend.